Routine for My Black Skin Care Explained…


Ever since I was young I’ve had issues with zits, pimples, and spots of discoloration. I learned while attempting to fix issues with my acne I had to educate myself as to the reasons why I was breaking out to begin with.


Once I was able to identify the negative things I was doing wrong I was able to put together a plan, then I started to see positive results from implementing them.



Although there are more things you could do to rid yourself of your facial issues,
below are some of the main ones I implemented and began to notice a big difference with my face.

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Here is the explanation of what I did to clear my skin…

First I changed my diet, why, because my body was telling me to eat better.

Second I started to get more sleep because I was tired almost all the time.

Also, I had to exercise more, it was a stress reliever for me, and got my blood circulating.

Last I started to drink more water, I need to flush the toxins out of my system and hydrate my body.


Also, I made it a routine wash my face 1-2 times a day.

Here is the routine that I followed to wash my face:

Wet your face with warm water.

Apply your cleanser of choice.

Gently exfoliate your skin.

Rinse and pat it dry.

Apply toner for a smooth appearance.

I would suggest the above Steps along with the Shea-Moisture African Black Facial Care Trio…


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…With it, you can wash, exfoliated, and moisturize your face gently with a product that has natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling great.